Choose What
  AND OTHERS have choosen and are PROUD of their decision.

ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L., a team of world class leader and professionals daring to provide outstanding values. For our clients, employees, and shareholders, we will try to be the best choice by determination, constant improvement, optimization, creativity, and embracing change. With honesty, dignity, fairness and respect, we will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and prove to be a good corporate citizen in our communities.

ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. is always honest and tells the truth. Our word is our bond and we always honor our commitments. We are consistent and fair with everyone.
Team Player:
ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. follows philosophy of “WE” not “I”. We foster collective wisdom and commitment of employees to create corporate and team culture and values. No person is more important than the team. When we do what is necessary to help the team win, we all win.

We demand world class performance and character from each team member. We hire, train, coach, and make any necessary decision to insure the highest levels of competency in all areas of our organization.

Open Communication:

We insist upon open and honest communication. We must tell others anything that we feel will help make our team stronger. We must also be open to constructive criticism and honest communication another team member may have for us.

Constant Improvement :

ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. philosophy says that our today should be better than yesterday and our tomorrow should be brighter than today. We are proud of what we have accomplished, but we are never satisfied. We have only just begun! We relentlessly evaluate our products, services, systems, and ourselves, and we constantly improve our organization in each of these areas. We will exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement.

Positive and Integrative :

Every team member must infuse our team with positive energy. We do not tolerate anyone who drains our energy or creates dissension. We want to create a culture of self-starters and positive thinkers who can take initiatives and can work without supervision.


We distinguish ourselves by treating every team member, client and even competitor with kindness and respect. As we win we lift up everyone around us. We treat those with whom we have dealings as we, ourselves, would expect to be treated.


We make the impossible…possible, by continuing to move ahead, never giving in, never stopping. We believe in ourselves and our ability to accomplish any outcome we set our minds to. We are committed!


We always do what is right and fair, even when it is difficult or not to our advantage to do so.


We love what we do and the impact we have on the world! We enjoy each step of our remarkable journey.


In ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L., we believe in taking charge and being responsible and answerable for whatsoever is assigned to us. We don’t allow excuses

Creativity and Ambitions :

ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. employees think outside the box. They don’t put limits to thinking and develop ambitious dreams and goals. Then through creativity and challenging nature find innovative and smart ways to achieve our ambitions, this make us a step ahead of competition

Best Utilization of Resources (Time, Money, Minds and Energy):

ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. believes in measuring and control to ensure optimization and efficient utilization of resources. We believe that by best utilization of resources we can improve the economic and emotional well-being of all stakeholders

Constant Development:

ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. is distinguished to develop our employees by providing them ample opportunities to develop their professional and personal skills and abilities. Training, coaching, and development are three most commonly used buzz words of ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L..

Best 100% in our field:

On scale of 100 % we want our employees to be marked 110% in their field of excellence in their jobs. For this ICON-InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. provides such resources and environment to nurture their intellectual abilities and let them excel in their respective specialty fields or areas


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